Logan review - a howl of feral rage from Wolverine

New feature The Shack, starring Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington, is a surprise hit, too - the faith-based film was panned by critics, but moviegoers gave it $16.1 million across 2,888 theaters. It is a future that, while not filled with mutant-hunting Sentinels, is still less than the ideal future Xavier and his band of merry mutants had in mind. Would I have enjoyed this film without little Logan stabbing bad guys in such gruesome detail? Instead, weather issues prompted director James Mangold to film that scene three days ahead of schedule. Even Wolverine's claws are betraying him, not always popping completely out on command. All of that is brought front and center in the film. "I won't miss a thing". Logan's last ride is his best one yet.

This movie isn't for the faint of heart, or the Wolverine action-figure-carrying 12 year old.

"This movie pushes the boundaries of superhero movies", Luckenbach said.

Here we see Wolverine done right.

Logan is a very dark movie, probably the darkest comic book movie ever made.

David Luckenbach, the main camera operator for "Logan", stands with his daughter Lindsay on the set of Hugh Jackman's 9th and final appearance as the iconic X-Men mutant Wolverine. Fox got the message previous year, when its daring R-rated Deadpool broke box-office records and its rather rote X-Men: Apocalypse underperformed. Imagine how much stress this role must have put on Jackman. After 17 years of portraying the fierce mutant on-screen, it was reported the "Logan" star would have kept the role for an MCU appearance, though fans know that it would be next to impossible. Though she only has one television show under her belt, "The Refugees", she handles Laura with steady hand. She's complicated - she tries to be so strong but she feels so kind of vulnerable at the same time.

The film is loaded with lovely lighting and cinematography, in some ways it feels like the old westerns in references in conversation with Laura and Professor X. We expect Logan to ride off in the sunset with the children he rescues, but we are denied that flawless happiness and instead given a bittersweet sacrifice for the future of mutant kind.

  • Salvatore Jensen