Electric Bentley Convertible Concept Proves EVs Don't Need to Make Sacrifices

"Luxury and performance is not going to stop with electric drivetrains", said Durheimer.

Continue reading for the full story. The 6e however, is all-electric, and it's possibly the most luxurious electric vehicle we've seen to date.

In fact, Bentley's aim is to transform the luxury EV segment.

Technology is a way off that yet but no harm in showing what an electric Bentley might look like, hence the EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept. The convertible EXP12 Speed 6e follows in the footsteps of the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, a hybrid coupe that was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

'This concept enables us to engage with luxury customers and gather feedback on our approach.

"Bentley is committed to offering an electric model in its future portfolio and we are interested to receive feedback on this concept".

An all-electric Bentley will not compromise the quality, refinement and high performance levels expected of the luxury brand. But where else to get that effortless torque hit owners have got used to?

Bentley isn't giving away any details on range or charging times for the moment, which is a shame, but claims that the Speed 6e "would, for example, be able to drive between London and Paris or Milan and Monaco on a single charge and the on board experience will be enhanced for both driver and passenger thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art technology".

Handmade, cut-glass sections on the steering wheel contain the controls for media, communications, navigation and vehicle set-up.

The chopped down steering wheel has two buttons on the top of each stump - one is for extra electric boost while the other is a speed limiter.

The car's intelligent infotainment system is the central brain to access many real world services using connected-car Apps.

Bentley is trying to prove that electric cars don't need to make any sacrifices.

The mesh grille has a 3D structure and is given a smoked finish, with copper highlights and a white-illuminated "6e" logo. Bentley says these are features also inspired by aircraft design.

It represents a natural evolution of Bentley's design DNA and signifies future design direction, taking the famous powerline and haunch to new levels of drama and tension. Like the latest Bentley Continental GT, the concept features a short front overhang (the bodywork ahead of the front wheels), a long bonnet and a wide rear end. Aircraft fuselages inspire the predominant lines - as well as more functional details, like the cameras that replace the side-mirrors - while cooling ducts have been repurposed from the old auto to instead keep the electric motors and batteries chilled. Bentley's design director Stefan Sielaff said of the concept and the competition: "Although this is an electric auto, we were passionate that it had to represent the soul of the brand".

Bentley's electric auto strategy is in its infancy, but the first fruits of its labour start with the plug-in electric hybrid variant of its Bentayga SUV, which will hit forecourts in 2018.

  • Arturo Norris