Trump hints again at being open to a new immigration reform effort

Mr Trump employed less of the populist rhetoric that his previous speeches had used and the market's reaction was "overwhelmingly favourable", Pimco head of public policy Libby Cantrill said.

"It's very easy for someone like Donald Trump, who has a very simplistic worldview and nearly near-nothing understanding of immigration policy, to take a wide brush and paint this community as something as bad as he wants it to be, particularly just to scare people", Gallego said in a press conference earlier Tuesday.

To be clear, I'm not a Republican - or a Democrat, for that matter - and I've never been a supporter of Trump.

Ms Cantrill cautioned that while the speech had been received positively by USA markets, it did not alter the fact that policymaking in the United States remains a complicated process. Canada's leaders might be on the look-out for what Trump says about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. "Millions lifted from welfare to work is not too much to expect", Trump said, and "streets where mothers are safe from fear - schools where children learn in peace ... are not too much to ask".

The president's comments were also a nod to health insurers - whom Trump met with on Monday - who say tax credits are necessary to keep people in the market. "I found the speech to be very presidential, and hopeful".

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump gave his first address to Congress. "Sounding much like so numerous other presidents who have preceded him, he drew on history and the personal narratives of his hand-selected guests as he recited a prosaic laundry list of policy proposals, interrupted with spurts of soaring rhetoric and paeans to American exceptionalism".

Such a move would be a dramatic about-face from Trump's approach on immigration so far.

At least a dozen undocumented immigrants, including James, attended the speech as guests of Democratic lawmakers eager to highlight positive aspects of immigration and travel.

The daughter of Donald Trump encouraged her father to adopt an "optimistic tone" in what was the biggest speech of his month-old presidency, and prompted him to discuss issues that "matter to her", such as maternity leave, sources told Reuters. It was Obama who divided this country by race, not Trump.

And the President paid a moving tribute to Ryan Owens, the US Navy SEAL team member killed in the January 27 raid on a suspected Al Qaeda compound in Yemen. Well, we spotted that as a phony promise when he made it. Congress, not the president, appropriates money - especially when tens of billions are at issue.

However, Trump's presidential presentation on Tuesday is a step in the right direction.

He began the night by strongly denouncing recent threats to Jewish community centers across the country and condemned a recent attack on Indian immigrants in Kansas.

As Trump spoke, Owens' late wife stood and wept openly as the room applauded her.

His speech quickly turned, however, as he declared that the "earth shifted beneath our feet" in 2016 as he took a victory lap over his election victory and nodded to his signature campaign themes.

He was excited, even though he knew that any pro-immigrant policy would be a reversal from Trump's campaign promise to strip Dreamers of their protections and ramp up deportations. Democrats have 10 seats up next year in states that Trump won.

Trump's inauguration speech was considered by many to be too dark.

  • Zachary Reyes