Pro-Donald Trump march, counter-protesters expected in Berkeley

They said they're tired of turning on the television and seeing protests and rallies against the president, and want to show that there are many who support him.

The pro-Trump rally Saturday March 4, 2017 in Denver.

"They don't know why they're here", said Tony Ledbetter, Republican chairman of Volusia County. "Mr. Trump is a patriot".

"At the forefront of everyone's mind - President Trump's claims that former President Obama ordered his "'wires tapped' in Trump Tower just before the victory". We can't let the whole world in, and we can set an example.

The rally was peaceful, although Fornal said she was on the receiving end of a few "obscene gestures" from passersby.

"He needs our support", she said.

In the weeks that followed Trump's January 20 inauguration thousands of people protested nationwide to voice their discontent with Trump's election.

Sarah Wissig worked with community groups Organize Florida and For Our Future to pull together Saturday's opposition rally.

Opposition to Trump has drawn thousands of marchers to Raleigh in the past two months, first for the Women's March in January, and then in February for HKonJ, or Historic Thousands on Jones Street, organized by the state NAACP.

In many places, anti-Trump counter-demonstrations resorted to violence.

A couple hundred supporters gathered in NY near Trump Tower, chanting "U-S-A". One held a sign reading: "I am not a Democrat anymore".

Has he read any of the president's tweets lately?

Although counter-protest organizers previously said there was a possibility that white nationalists would join the march, Black insisted that his march was not organized to spread a message of hate and that it attracted a diverse group of people.

Another rally in Rochester drew about 10 people, and no counterprotesters, the Rochester Post-Bulletin reported. Trump's motorcade, heading back from a golf outing, briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

"Bring your families, friends and Trump supporters for a day of sharing American values with everyday people", organizers of that event said in a press release.

Calling themselves the "silent majority", and "deplorables", the Trump supporters Saturday cheered the president's proposed border wall with Mexico, his economic plans, and his choice of Neil Gorsuch to be the next Supreme Court justice.

  • Larry Hoffman