President Trump's speech before Congress

On the health insurance front, President Trump renewed his call for "repealing and replacing" Obamacare, his predecessor's signature health insurance program that has provided coverage for more than 20 million Americans who can not afford or can not get health insurance through an employer. Is that the best he and his aging fellow Democratscan do?

In both the primaries and the general election Republicans showed their disdain for democracy and the right to vote through all kinds of voter suppression tactics.

Hill Republicans are once again at the mercy of President Donald Trump political whims. Finally gone were the dark utterances of the campaign about the sad shape of the country.

In points-system countries, debates have tended to revolve around whether employers or the state should get to decide which kinds of foreign workers are needed, and who gets to come. To address that issue, he has named a Department of Homeland Security task force. In his first nationally televised speech to Congress since taking office on January 20, Trump sought to reassure allies still uneasy over doubts he raised during the 2016 presidential campaign about his commitment to their defense and to maintaining a U.S. global leadership role.

Which members of Congress will arrive hours early to stake out seats on the center aisle of the House chamber for Trump's big entrance? Good luck with that. The office is called VOICE, Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. "It is not compassionate", he said, "but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting can not occur". "We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders", said Trump. She eventually became the first in her family not only to graduate from high school, but from college. Our President gave a honest speech outlining a bold plan to move our country forward by empowering the American people. The Europeans heard from Defense Secretary James Mattis that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance was not "obsolete" after all, despite Trump's suggestions to the contrary. Trump acted how a president should act: respectful and professional.

"My job is not to represent the world", he said.

The President, stepping away from decades of U.S. insistence on engineering the world according to its perceptions, said his job was not to represent the world but to put America's interests first while respecting the right of nations to chart their own course.

At the end he said, "The time for small thinking is over" and he called for "trivial fights" to be left behind.

Cameras caught House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sitting and staring glumly ahead as President Trump vowed to create thousands of jobs.

NY post described it as the best speech of his life and the most remarkable speech in decades by a Chief Executive to a Joint Session of Congress. In today's America, many of these so-called "unskilled" jobs are filled by immigrants. Donald Trump, the compleat Marketing Man knows the socioeconomics of business well, and unabashedly uses this as template in his aggrandized role as CEO of America - and of the world (?). It took him a little more than one month, but Tuesday night he made that pivot and it was pleasing to watch and soothing to the ear.

  • Carolyn Briggs