Nude photo scandal rocks US Marine Corps prompting investigation

The U.S. Department of Defense is investigating after a report that people were sharing pictures of naked servicewomen and veterans on a Facebook page for Marines.

In a story on March 5, The Marine Corps Times said that a Marine Corps spokesman at the Pentagon confirmed that an investigation is underway and that military officials were not sure how many personnel may be involved.

I am extremely disappointed to hear about reports of active members and veterans of the Marine Corps sharing nude photos of their female fellow service members. The Center for Investigative Reporting, which published the story in conjunction with the War Horse, reported that since January 30, 2017, group members posted photos of more than two dozen women "identified by their rank, full name and military duty station" in accompanying captions. According to Brennan, who spoke with several of the women in the photographs, the pictures were either leaked by former romantic partners or obtained by stalking the women.

According to reports, some of the photos were shared consensually while many were meant to be private.

"The Marine Corps is deeply concerned about allegations regarding the derogatory online comments and sharing of salacious photographs in a closed website", the Corps wrote in a draft response.

According to The War Horse, a nonprofit organization run by a Marine Veteran, the women were identified in the photographs that drew 2,500 mostly graphic comments.

"It contradicts all of the core values that every Marine lives by", she tells NBC 7. "A Marine who directly participates in, encourages, or condones such actions could also be subjected to criminal proceedings or adverse administrative actions".

The War Horse reporter Thomas Brennan who broke the story has reportedly received death threats after the story was published. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has recently opened an investigation into the posting of explicit photographs. "The military men and women who proudly volunteer to serve their country should not have to deal with this kind of reprehensible conduct".

Neller condemned the alleged behaviour in a statement, as did Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald Green. He won't comment directly on the investigation but says in a statement that targeting Marines, online or otherwise, in an inappropriate manner is distasteful and shows an absence of respect.

Alvis also said the corps was thankful that Brennan had notified them, ABC reported. She proposed multiple bills aimed to reduce sexual assault and sexual harassment in the Marines.

  • Joanne Flowers