'Logan' has massive US$33.1m Friday opening in the US

The $85.3 million weekend total is the 5th highest opening all-time for an R-rated movie, jumping over the 2015 release, "Fifty Shades of Grey" ($85.1 million). There is swearing and limbs flying off and I had a massive grin on my face the whole time.

When the undefeated, indestructible and the mythical Wolverine says something with an impact, the world better take note.

The US is just one market for Logan.

In the past, Jackman has not only proved that he follows cricket but also plays pretty well. It's by no means bad but it does slow down and to take time to focus on the characters and their relationships. "And I remember thinking, 'One day, I'd love to be on stage with this man.' So when I turned up to audition [for 'X-Men"], I was completely starstruck. They can not simply be programmed into being killing machines; 2) as Logan's own tale makes clear, there is a severe, severe cost to one's own psyche for doing violence against others; 3) children deserves to be protected from the mayhem of this world, not used as weapons of war. There's something brilliant about watching a little girl flip around and mutilate people. Also, the highlight of the film is Jackman's compelling performance.

"I was very lucky on this film - my first scene was my opening scene in the movie, my last night's work was my last scene".

Coming to the superhero movies, Wolverine always has a special place maybe because of the intensity of the emotions Hugh carry or maybe the terrific claws and body language of our dearly Hugh Jackman. "If you go back and see that movie, there's some embarrassing shots".

Here's some story context: Wolverine is taking care of the ailing Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, and must use his mutant abilities to deal with Professor X's mishaps.

'It was my first movie in NY and it did give me many, many opportunities to play other things over the years that I may not have had, ' he said. For me it worked and I found him actually quite scary but I can see some fans getting annoyed. Wonder how she's related to Logan? With Logan's DNA in her, X-23 is a female clone of the superhero but is being used by the Transigen project as a weapon.

"Logan" is not for the faint of heart - not just because of its brutal violence, but because it packs an emotional wallop you don't typically expect from a comic-book movie.

  • Salvatore Jensen