India's tallest tricolour hoisted at Attari border

Amritsar: A 360-foot-high (110 metres) flag post, said to be the country's tallest, was inaugurated on Sunday at the Indo-Pak Attari Border.

Punjab state minister Anil Joshi inaugurated the flag post, atop which a Tricolour was hoisted. Punjab state government has spent Rs.3.5 crore on erecting the flag and is not willing to concede any demand from across the border to bring its height down. The Indian flag post can be easily seen from Lahore, Pakistan, it weighs 55 tons and is 120 feet in length, 80 feet in breadth. The previous title-holder of the nation's highest flag was a 293-foot-high tricolour hoisted at Ranchi in Jharkhand.

Pakistan Rangers raised objection over the installation of the flag and regarding this, they have conveyed their message to BSF.

However, Pakistan is reportedly unhappy with India's decision to hoist its flag at the global border.

Terming this as his dream project, Joshi said he took special permission from the Election Commission for the inauguration.

The flag post, installed at the border, became an attraction for thousands of tourists who had reached there to watch the daily beating retreat ceremony at sunset. The pole is said to be tall enough to be visible from Lahore, nearly 24 kms away. Earlier, there was plan to hoist the tricolour on January 26 but due to some technical reason it was delayed. It is near the Attari-Wagah worldwide border with Pakistan, which is also a major tourist spot to witness the flag lowering ceremony daily.

Meanwhile, Indian authorities refuted the claims of violation and clarified that the flag was being installed 200 metres before the zero line.

  • Leroy Wright