Here's the teaser for next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead'

The episode fully uses its time to write a love letter to Rick and Michonne and what their relationship means for the show. Others speculated some potential baby making. Instead, it was between Rick and Jadis.

After finding evidence of a gun battle nearby, Rick and Michonne stumble on an abandoned carnival now overrun by walkers, which they figure out is hiding a stockpile of weapons.

This still being The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne's vacay is actually a recon mission to find guns. Clearly exhausted of waiting, Rosita sets out by herself to find weapons. One would think that the majority of the guns would be snatched up with it being hard to come by any significant cache of weapons. Perhaps more interestingly, it looks like Rosita might now be in danger, too.

Rosita doesn't want to wait around and goes to Sasha. This is The Walking Dead's version of Dr. Oatmeal. Sure, Rick almost gets himself killed by being a dumbass, and that leads to a serious conversation about what it all means and how Michonne needs to be prepared to lead the group if Rick dies in the fight against Negan, but this is still mostly about hanging out, planning for the future, and doing goofy shit with zombies. His screen time hasn't been as high as other characters but when he is on screen, it's nearly always very impactful in some way.

Having Glenn name-checked in this episode really reminded me of how much I want Maggie to be a part of whatever crew eventually takes down Negan. "Anything is possible until your heart stops beating, certainly more than yelling at a fool".

So ... did Rick and Michonne kill, or just rob those two golfing survivors? "It's not about us any more". This leads Tara, who's been stressing all episode, to presumably commit to telling Rick about Oceanside at last. This little adventure turns into a deadly fiasco at a carnival with a very cool walker scene. Like Rick, I'll savor the fact that this may be the least violent and sad the series will be as we move into the last four hours of the season. Will Michonne fall victim to the infamous Rick Grimes kiss of death? Therefore, I knew he was going to suddenly pop out somewhere. They were never romantic in print, but we're talking a Season 8 development at the earliest, anyway.

The deeper meaning to the death scene had to do with Michonne. Rick needs batteries for their walkie; the two henchmen just happen to have a box conveniently labeled "batteries", along with pretzels and a lack of respect for the dead (they did not pour one out for Fat Joey). In this coming war with the Saviors, people are going to be lost. Fighting the fight is living and that's what they need to do. She's maybe the most formidable warrior on this show, but she completely froze in the moment when she thought Rick was dead, and there's a lingering question over whether Rick and Michonne's love for one another is compromising their ability to fight. When they approach the fence, they lure out a walker decked out in military garb, gun and all. But that choice isn't worth it if it forces Michonne into a place where she's just there to reinforce how great Rick is, how necessary he is, how much they need him as a leader. Comments forums blew up with people saying, "Who talks like that?" along with people remarking it's too early on in the apocalypse for a group to be that insane. Why do I get the feeling that Eugene will somehow have a hand in messing up their sneaky scheme? Rosita then gives Sasha one of the guns that Rick and Michonne found. Trust me... people are insane now without an apocalypse.

Back in Alexandria, Tara struggles with the idea of breaking her promise with Cindy from Oceanside, who saved her life in exchange for silence on the whereabouts of their community. Luckily, Rosita "memorized" the interior layout of the Savior camp based on Daryl's recollection. We've been shown that Rosita is desperate to kill Negan to the point that she'd be willing to die for the chance.

  • Salvatore Jensen