Google confirms they will release the Pixel 2 this year

"So, you can count on us to follow it", Osterloh commented.

Google's Pixel smartphone this year was a significant reset for the company's mobile hardware strategy - and one that earned a lot of praise from customers and critics. It also clarifies the fact that Google Pixel smartphones were not a one-time wonder and are here to stay.

Google's head of hardware Rick Osterloh (ex- Motorola) talked to AndroidPit in a recent interview and revealed that the Pixel will continue to stay premium. Evan Blass made a post on Twitter, sharing that Google will release the tablet before the end of 2016, but that didn't happen.

Now even before the Google Pixel hits the shelves later this year, there have been ample rumors going about the town regarding the spec sheet of this exceptional device.

Last year, Google rebranded the Nexus lineup to the Pixel line, and with that they did away with manufacturer partnerships, in favor of building their own hardware. The next generation Pixel smartphones, reportedly called Pixel 2 are said to be premium smartphones as well. Well they were quite successful in their bid to do so, with Google Pixel landing in the top smartphones of the year list.

Sadly, Rick Osterloh didn't disclose the device's exact release.

Consumers are speculating that Google is facing distribution problems with Pixel phones, and is not able to keep up with the shipping of the vast number of components for manufacturing the Google Pixel smartphones. Google might still create the affordable model and launch it alongside the premium Pixel 2. It might come with water resistance feature, a better camera, and a much faster processor. The next phone of Pixel series will directly compete with Apple's iPhone 8, reports suggest.

With the Pixel 2, Osterloh and his team is expected to bring upgrades and reduce these bugs. And the other: Does this only apply to the Pixel 2?

  • Arturo Norris