Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva in Police Custody, Lawyer Says

Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, who was rejected by voters in a bid for re-election previous year, now is wanted by the county prosecutor, who has issued an arrest warrant.

He will face the charges in San Joaquin County.

"I didn't get the receipt for the Kids Club but the receipt for his home purely focused on financial records", says Sawyer.

Along with Silva's arrest, a search warrant was issued for his home, and for the Stockton Kids Club.

An arrest warrant was issued for Silva on Thursday on charges of profiteering, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds and grand theft, among other charges.

"(Silva) probably still has enemies from his days in politics", he said.

His attorneys said Friday that Silva is vacationing in Colombia and trying to travel back to the United States. His felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor in October. His lawyer said the trip did not have to do with the criminal investigation. He is now facing misdemeanor charges in Amador County for allegedly recording a strip poker game involving teenagers and providing alcohol to minors. Silva used to run the Boys and Girls Club.

Silva is already facing misdemeanor charges in Amador County.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Silva said, "Apparently Stockton can manage without me for a while so I chose to go explore the world". He's accused of recording a strip poker game involving teenagers at a summer camp he helped run.

"I think we should all keep an open mind until we know the details", said Silva's attorney, N. Allen Sawyer in a phone interview.

  • Larry Hoffman