DON'T skin your Nintendo Switch — Important PSA

While a new console release more often than not ends up with a "Sold Out" sign on stores (or even the release of a console that is more than 30 years old like the NES Classic Edition), it must be noted that the Nintendo Switch's sold out experience is different.

Nintendo has unveiled what many game reviewers are calling a game-changer. There are some other important quirks to keep in mind about the Nintendo Switch.

MARTIN: So why is this Switch such a big deal? As with all Nintendo video game systems, we will continue to monitor the performance of Nintendo Switch hardware and software, and make improvements when necessary. And they're smaller, they're lighter, they're untethered. However, he does also say that he was skeptical about the console.

How much does it cost?

The handheld display has a 6.2-inch screen with a 32-GB capacity. But if you slide them onto either side of the tablet, it creates one solid on-the-go console. But if unfortunately you need to reload your computer in the background from nowhere, you should know that your future Nintendo Switch can play the role of an external battery for the Mac. So that's a pretty fair price. In just a few milliseconds, though, a very sour taste invades your taste buds.

If you were like me, you did not think ahead. And I've had a total blast playing it.

Nintendo has primarily touted "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" - the latest in the iconic series.

It's not yet known if the "Call of Duty" series will be available on the Switch - the same goes for "Red Dead Redemption" from Take-Two Interactive, another hotly anticipated game. "I love the hardware design".

MARTIN: They have to because what I'm reading in the business press - yours included - is that it's already sold out nearly everywhere. They can only charge while connected to the Switch unit, or if you choose to buy a Charging Grip for $40 that is exactly the same as the one that comes with the Switch except that it can also charge the Joy-Con. And at launch, you'll be able to add friends if they're on the same local network that you are or if you've played with them recently.

Bosses at the Japanese company will be hoping the Switch sells.

This week, I lived the television commercial the company is running to promote Switch, priced at $399 in Canada.

An Xbox portable would be interesting for sure- but first, we have to see if the Switch does well. It became a cultural phenomenon, finding its place in millions of homes through its unique, motion-based design concept and an all-inclusive game library that served as a change of pace from Sony and Microsoft's "hardcore" offerings.

MARTIN: That was Wall Street Journal tech reporter Nathan Olivarez-Giles joining us from San Francisco.

  • Arturo Norris