Austin crowd of 300 rallies for national 'March 4 Trump'

Two people were arrested as protesters clashed with supporters of President Donald Trump during a rally at the Tennessee Capitol.

Almost three hours into a peaceful support rally for President Donald Trump, his fan base found itself clashing with protesters Saturday afternoon in downtown Orlando, exchanging heated political jabs.

"I am convinced that we will look back four years and see this as a crossroads in our country that we saved our country yet for one more generation", Casada said. Blaring vuvuzelas and shouting "don't wiretap me bro", many said they are frustrated at the division throughout the country.

Debbie Dooley, a leader of the group and co-founder of the Tea Party, told Time magazine the rallies planned for Saturday are meant to be a positive response to recent negative events held by Trump's political rivals.

Ledbetter and almost a dozen other Trump supporters directly squared-off with protesters when the invisible line was broken after supporters from each side dodged traffic to confront their opposition. Most rallies were peaceful, but in some cities, counter-protesters attended the events, leading to confrontations.

Several speakers amped up the crowd. "I just wanted to come out here and be opposition of some sort".

Pro-Trump demonstrations were held in cities across the country, including New York, Washington, San Diego, Palm Beach, Nashville, Lansing, and Minnesota.

State Sen. Ron Rabin, a Harnett County Republican and an early Trump supporter, said the "mainstream media", "the entertainment colony", academics at elite universities and the United Nations are working against Trump. (Davis Bonner | Collegian) A group of protesters to the Trump rally in Denver rip an American flag apart in opposition to the event.

"After this, I think people will take the hint", said former U.S. Marine David Moore, 42, a participant in the rally.

A few dozen people protested the Saturday afternoon rally and a billboard truck circled the square showing Trump with the Russian president.

In several cities, Trump supporters were met by anti-Trump demonstrators, resulting in violent clashes and arrests.

Both said they support Trump's plan to build a wall on the Mexican border as well as "draining the swamp" and removing legacy politicians from office.

Asked if police had any plans to prevent violence between different factions of demonstrators on Saturday, Frankel said, "The department is prepared for a number of different contingencies". "Hundreds of people filled the park, with anarchists and counterdemonstrators far outnumber what rally sponsors estimated were 60 to 75 Trump supporters".

  • Zachary Reyes