Air India says all-female crew flies around the world

This past week, the Indian commercial airline Air India took its own Women's Day demonstration across the globe - literally - by completing the first around the world flight staffed entirely by an all-women crew.

India's Press Trust reported on Sunday that the flight flew over the Pacific Ocean from New Delhi to San Francisco last Monday, and then flew back to New Delhi over the Atlantic on Friday.

Air India said that the Boeing 777 flew over the Pacific Ocean on its trip to the USA, while its return journey was over the Atlantic, encircling the globe.

The Boeing 777-200LR began its journey on February 27, 2017, when it flew from Delhi airport to San Francisco.

The airline also claims that everyone involved in the journey, including ground staff, engineers and air-traffic controllers, was a woman.

The airline, which has faced criticism in the past for grounding dozens of female cabin crew over their weight, said it had applied to Guinness World Records to validate the claim.

But some have expressed reservations about seating areas just for women.

International Women's Day is on Wednesday, and demonstrations will soon be held across the globe to advocate for gender equality and celebrate the achievements of women.

Earlier in January, the Indian national carrier announced selling female-only seat sections on domestic flights. The flight was led by Captains Sunita Narula, Kshamta Bajpai, Indira Singh and Gunjan Aggarwal who shared piloting duties on the 15.5 hour long flights.

  • Zachary Reyes