Violence breaks out at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley

Those who attended the rally, that coincided with similar rallies held across the country today, said the event was a show of support for President Donald Trump and a response to recent anti-Trump protests.

Washington, New York City, Nashville and other major US cities played host to "March 4 Trump" rallies on March 4, and those who attended said they wanted to send a message.

Around 200 people rallied in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in a show of support for Mr Trump, and in Lansing, Michigan, another 200 supporters rallied on one side of the state Capitol while 100 critics gathered on another side.

Organizer Jim Worthington said supporters love Trump's message of "making America first".

We asked Trump supporters Saturday about his latest tweets, accusing former President Barack Obama of wire taping Trump Tower during the campaign season. Though some supporters, like Milo Morris who sung the National Anthem, say he's not jumping to any conclusions on that or any other accusations just yet.

Hundreds gathered inside the State Capitol Saturday as Trump supporters rallied for the president.

" I saw how the violence started and it was very bad", he said.

Tensions escalated when both groups started voicing their opinions about President Trump's political agenda, according to CNN affiliate KRON.

"Seeing the people there that were trying to act like they represent women", she told Blake Farmer of member station WPLN, "it was appalling to me".

"They haven't even given the president a fair shake yet", Adams said. "Donald Trump has been brought here to ensure that it stays that way and he's going to keep us safe".

But Tahamas' stance is music to the ears of the anti-Trump group.

Trump supporters march east on the bike path along Metro Parkway in Clinton Township, Mich., on Saturday.

In many towns and cities, the pro-Trump "Spirit of America" rallies did not draw over a few hundred people.

The 2 p.m. event is one of dozens planned nationwide to show support for the new president. They watched as the two camps hurled eggs and insults back and forth. Some Trump supporters followed them out, jeering insults.

In several cities, Trump supporters were met by anti-Trump demonstrators, resulting in violent clashes and arrests.

  • Carolyn Briggs