UFC 209 Results: Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson Battle Over Welterweight Title

"Woodley and Thompson's first fight ended in a draw, so now the two welterweight rivals will meet again in the main event at UFC 209", states the UFC website.

Two judges scored it 48-47 for Woodley with a third having it 47-47. "No other fighter-coach combo has been created with high-level coaches that can work together so well selflessly all with the same goal - to make me the best fighter in the world". The result was an unsettled crowd that quickly made its displeasure known.

The highly anticipated rematch got off to a painfully slow start, as neither fighter was willing to commit to much in general.

If only Woodley and Thompson were as eager as the fans.

Woodley needs to draw from this contest in his upcoming bout with Stephen Thompson and learn to balance his forward pressure and the ever-present habit he has of retreating. "Wonderboy is the best striker I've seen in my life". And hard to watch. "I don't say anything that has not really taken place, I'm just saying things that are true".

A spinning wheel-kick from Thompson looked terrific but caused very little in the way of damage as the fact became clear that neither man felt comfortable in committing to attacks.

The proverbial cat-and-mouse game continued in the second round, as Thompson kept stalking Woodley down to the cage but did next to nothing once there. After rushing forward with a quick combo, Thompson leapt back to avoid Woodley's takedown attempt. Thompson landed kicks but seemed to hit air with many of his punches as he also fought too cautiously, and the most significant moment of the fight came towards the end of the final round. His first title defence was a Madison Square Garden showcase against Thompson, who earned his title shot with seven straight wins.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans failed to nab a victory in his middleweight debut. The unbeaten Russian was scheduled to fight Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight title.

Woodley has verbally sparred with White in recent weeks, with the champ suggesting he has been treated poorly by the UFC - and White responding by labeling Woodley "a bit of a drama queen".

The first fight between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson was an instant classic. "I'm not the one who was knocked down four times in a round, nearly subdued, completely dominated in the first round", he said.

Here is how the full fight card breaks for Saturday night in Las Vegas with the latest odds of Bovada.

  • Julie Sanders