UFC 209 results: Alistair Overeem knocks out Mark Hunt with vicious knees

Other fights on the card are Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem, Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly, Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur, and the interesting scrap between two undefeated fighters Paul Craig and Tyson Pedro.

Overeem got the action going in the second round with another front kick as Hunt fired back with another power shot to the body.

While it's safe to say that most fighters on the UFC roster agree with Hunt's attitude concerning PED use, there hasn't exactly been a groundswell of public support for him among his colleagues.

Hunt - the half-Kiwi, half-Aussie who is no stranger to UFC drama - adopted a "I won't shake your hand, but you can shake mine" approach to the pre-fight photo opportunity ahead of their fight in Las Vegas tomorrow.

"We're not done yet", Overeem said in reference to his title hopes as he gets a huge win over Hunt on Saturday night. Pushing forward, Overeem relied heavily on straight left kicks before whipping in an overhand left.

Hunt had his moments, including a vicious elbow strike that rocked the Dutchman in the second round, but he couldn't follow up and Overeem survived. Every time Overeem went for a clinch, Hunt stuffed it.

"This is supposed to be the best fighters in the world, not the best cheaters in the world", Hunt said. A punch now and then a spinning back kick to the midsection. "The Reem" went for the clinch again, this time he landed a knee to the body on the break. "The Reem" steps in to a powerful knee to the body.

Lesnar failed drug tests before and after he beat Hunt in a brutal unanimous decision.

Alistair Overeem shows his delight at knocking out Mark Hunt.

Still, even with Hunt stalking him, Reem was able to crush the Super Samoan against the cage and sap his energy with non-stop knees to Hunt's gut. Looking to avoid damage, Overeem clinched back up and pressed his opponent into the fence. Clinching back up, Overeem dropped Hunt with a picture left knee followed by ideal knee between the eyes, sending his unconscious opponent crumpling to the canvas. With his opponent circling away, Hunt looked for the left high kick.

  • Julie Sanders