The Moment Tony Bellew Shocked David Haye and The World!

The grudge match that had been considered a mismatch became a nightmare for Haye from the sixth, when after losing his balance the injury occurred and left him barely unable to stay on his feet.

Tony Bellew stopped a hobbling David Haye in the 11th round to ruin the former world champion's return to the ring and shock the boxing world.

Bellew took some big shots early and made a jumpy Haye miss a lot, but Haye did settle down and seemed to have some rhythm before the leg injury, which changed the fight and perhaps the way many feel about Haye and his perceived lack of guts.

Instead of him proving both too big and too skilled an opponent for Bellew in his opponent's first fight in the heavyweight division, his fitness and technique unravelled to leave him staring at the end of his career.

Both fighters came out for the next round looking exhausted, but Bellew was more tentative looking for the opportunity to finish it, but Haye managed to box on.

From his back foot, Bellew avoided reckless leaping punches from Haye and caught him on the counter - "He can't out-box you", Bellew's trainer Dave Coldwell bellowed after the opener.

The ninth started with Bellew landing more measured shots with Haye swinging back wildly, but Bellew doing some good work with his jab.

Haye lasted until the 11th round but after he tumbled out of the ring, his corner threw in the towel to give Bellew victory. "Having secured exclusive content as part of this agreement, we plan to use this association to grow our brand awareness in the U.K. Everyone is looking forward to this fight, especially the team at Energybet, and we're rooting for David to come out victorious".

"Tony was a great fighter, that's what went wrong".

Bellew would connect frequently with Haye, but never let his focus slip with the enormous power in his opponent's hands.

  • Julie Sanders