Microsoft Exchange tasks are now available on Gmail app

Last November, Google added some new features to the Gmail app for iOS, bringing it at per with the Android version. Starting this week, Google will roll out support for Exchange tasks in Gmail for Android. Which once pressed would open the Gmail app in your primary Google account. Either way though, three or less and you are good to go. You can create a task, edit the date when it's due, and edit its priority.

Having a unified task list is a pretty important part of the productivity process, especially for those who are often on mobile and combine their personal and work-related emails and tasks as well. "The simple swipe to mark as complete can be just as rewarding", the search giant added. Unfortunately, Google did not say a word as to when and if the new update will be made available to iOS users. In a blogpost company also reveal that Gmail app on Android is enterprise ready and can be deployed securely.

The Gmail app update for Android is already rolling out and is available from the Google Play store. It doesn't look clumsy like it used to be, and you can now swipe to archive or delete messages. The undo resend button doesn't mean you can rollback or pull a delivered email from a recipient's inbox.

As for the app shortcuts (previously and more accurately known as launcher shortcuts), simply long-press and you get the usual compose shortcut followed by all the accounts you have in Gmail. Also, if you have multiple accounts, you will be displayed all your Gmail accounts there, from which you can select the one you wish you login to.

  • Carolyn Briggs