Kate McKinnon Roasted Jeff Sessions On 'SNL' And It Was Incredible

Portraying Sessions as Forrest Gump in his famous bus stop scene, McKinnon chatted with fellow bench-sitters about life's box-of-chocolate nature ("Got a lot of brown ones in there", she noticed, referencing suggestions that Sessions is racist) and his dealings with Russian Federation.

Anyone who has seen "The Help" will get that one, as McKinnon takes a big bite and delivers the big line, "Live from NY, it's Saturday night!"

Life isn't quite like a box of chocolates for Jeff Sessions, but that didn't stop Saturday Night Live from having the Attorney General double as Forrest Gump in this weekend's cold open.

One of them is "my good friend Kellyanne", she says, pulling out the now-infamous photo of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway seated on an Oval Office couch with her legs folded. "I'm the Attorney General of the whole United States".

With a soon-to-be passenger, Sessions then talks about his controversial week, which many feel overshadowed the President's first well-received speech as POTUS.

Sessions enters a sort of story time and says, "This whole mess began with a congressional hearing". "Sure are a lot of brown ones in there", McKinnon added, which earned a big laugh from the crowd and made Jones' character leave in disgust.

"And I started running and running", he said. I got so nervous.

Telling anyone and everyone he never talked to the Russians, McKinnon's Sessions changes his tune when Beck Bennett's shirtless Vlad Putin shows up. "I talked to the Russians", McKinnon immediately said, referring to the recent news of Sessions recusing himself from investigations into his meetings with a Russian ambassador during the 2016 election.

The Alabama references didn't stop there, as the episode's host Oscar-winner and Montgomery native Octavia Spencer entered the sketch as her character Minnie from "The Help". "Now I remember any name with the words "gay kiss" in it".

My name's Minnie. "You don't know me, I'm from a different movie" (a reference to Spencer's work on "The Help").

Other passers by came and went, including cast member Beau Bridges as Vladimir Putin, who said, "This meeting never happened".

  • Salvatore Jensen