Emergency trailer set up for asylum-seekers

It is not common to have so many asylum seekers based in the United States looking for refuge in Canada over such a short period.

Trudeau must also ensure the issue does not complicate his relations with Trump.

Under the agreement, refugee claimants are required to request refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in - meaning would-be claimants arriving at an official border crossing from the USA would be turned back.

Authorities from both nations are routinely informing people crossing the common border, and intelligence officials and law enforcement officials met in Montreal in February to establish strategies, reports the source to whom Reuters has granted Anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case.

If they get onto Canadian soil before being apprehended, they are allowed to stay in Canada and go through the normal refugee-claim process.

RCMP spokeswoman Annie Delisle confirmed the meeting took place, saying the two sides agreed on an "action plan which outlines a collaborative approach to dealing with the influx of asylum seekers". The Liberal Party member says the federal government is examining requests from Manitoba and Quebec for more help to pay for immigrant support services.

A senior Canadian security source classified the risk as medium- to long-term, since it was likely that those crossing the border really were seeking asylum.

Jodene Baker with United Way's Community Investment Committee said along with cash donations there are so many other needs that people can come to United Way to help fulfill.

Greg Janzen, the reeve of Emerson-Franklin, said he has been very happy with the response so far from the federal and Manitoba governments.

Fortin says the number of asylum seekers is expected to grow as the weather warms.

  • Joanne Flowers