British PM May says preserving union a prime goal

Scottish voters rejected independence in a 2014 referendum. But we all know that the SNP will never stop twisting the truth and distorting reality in their effort to denigrate our United Kingdom and further their obsession of independence.

Her intervention, on the eve of her speech to the Scottish Conservatives conference in Glasgow, came as new research emerged showing fewer than a third of Tory activists believe the loss of Scotland would cause serious damage to the rest of the UK.

Declining standards in education are "a scandal" and the direct result of 10 years of the SNP being in power, she will tell delegates. A referendum in 2014 saw Scotland vote to remain in UK.

In a speech to party activists in Glasgow, the Conservative Party leader said that keeping England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland together was her "personal priority" and there was "no economic case" for breaking up the UK.

Scotland's Europe minister has demanded a separate Brexit deal for Scotland, which would separate its immigration system from the rest of the United Kingdom, retain freedom of movement and maintain European Union single market access.

She struck a positive tone, in contrast with the Project Fear of David Cameron's anti-independence campaign, saying: "Together we form the world's greatest family of nations".

Scots rejected independence by 55% to 44% in September 2014, but since the Brexit vote past year - in which Scotland voted to remain in the European Union (EU) despite the rest of the United Kingdom voting to leave - there has been constant speculation that Ms Sturgeon will seek to hold another ballot.

In a speech nearly entirely devoted to criticising the SNP and making the case for the future of the United Kingdom, May said there was "no economic case" for Scottish independence. "The SNP are playing politics like it is a game, but it is not a game".

May also suggested that Sturgeon and her party should focus more on improving the livelihood of young Scottish people rather than talking up a referendum.

It is "very clear" the Scottish people do not want another independence vote, according to May.

"Instead, they have an SNP government obsessed with its own priority of independence, using the mechanisms of devolved government to further its political aims and all the while neglecting and mismanaging public services in Scotland".

UK Scotland Minister David Mundell said that he was confident the government could seal a divorce deal with the European Union that would win over the people of Scotland but may never be able to please the SNP. Scotland voted 62% in favour of the United Kingdom remaining within the EU.

Prime minister says she is confident about the future of the UK.

"In those circumstances, we have a duty to stand up for Scotland, and to have a plan in place to protect our vital national interests".

  • Leroy Wright