Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Recuse Himself from Russian Election Hacking Probe

Sen. Cory Gardner, the Republican representing Colorado, commented on the latest controversy around the Trump campaign, Russian Federation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a National Public Radio interview that aired this morning.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, when asked on Thursday about his participation in any investigation into possible ties between Russian Federation and the Trump presidential campaign, said he would recuse himself when "appropriate", NBC News reported.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation works under Sessions' Department of Justice.

U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions arrives to attend a speech by President Donald Trump at a joint session of Congress in Washington, February 28.

The basis of the meeting was reportedly to discuss next week's schedule, which is expected to include Trump's new executive order on immigration. The CNN story's cited documents also alleged a continuing exchange of information between Trump surrogates and Russian government intermediaries during the campaign.

"This is not even a close call; it is a must", said Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

But Sessions was on the other side of the coin when Clinton was accused of perjury over statements he made regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Sessions was a member of the Armed Services Committee and had already joined the Trump campaign.

During his confirmation hearings, Sessions said he hadn't had any contacts with Russian Federation.

"I think we need to understand what role if any he will have in the investigation", Gardner said, adding that he had "full confidence" in the FBI.

U.S. President Trump used similar language in a Twitter post Thursday about the attacks on Mr. Sessions, who top Democrats have called on to resign over meeting as a senator previous year with Mr. Kislyak.

MARTIN: The Post found Sessions met twice with Russia's ambassador, including once in September, the height of the campaign. Al Franken what he would do if he learned that anyone from Trump's campaign had communicated with Russian officials during the campaign.

A General Jeff Sessions, under fire amid revelations that he allegedly lied about his communications with the Russians while under oath during his Senate confirmation hearings, is maintaining that he did nothing wrong. Had this come out as a effect of an investigation, it would look much more insidious than it does as part of the White House doing routine disclosure around a story that it knows people are interested in.

Flores, the Justice Department spokeswoman, said that response was not misleading.

  • Larry Hoffman