Singer Suchitra's Twitter was NOT Hacked, Here's What Happened

Singer Suchitra had immediately deleted all the pictures from her social media account yesterday.

However, the controversial posts continued to surface, and a few days ago some private posts of popular celebrities like Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Trisha and a few others were leaked. In the case of a particular heroine, it was much ado about nothing, as all that she is seen doing in the pic is hanging out with friends in a tourist location. While tweeting out Dhanush picture, Suchitra wrote, 'So before you toll me #Dhanush fans, look at your hero Leelai's.

But after the leak of these private, everyone is now wondering if her account was hacked in the first place? "But I know I have ppl here who genuinely like me", added the singer who cleared her name in a series of tweets without apologising to the stars whose pictures the alleged hacker leaked online. However, the sensational and shocking stuff kept on popping up on her account.

Later, her husband posted a statement on his Facebook account claiming that her Twitter account was hacked. The group of pictures tweeted by Suchitra also includes a selfie of Dhanush and Trisha, Hansika partying with a group of unidentified people and a picture of TV VJ Dhivyadharshini hugging a big shot. All the tweets available over the last few days were not by Suchi and is totally false. "Thank you all for the support". They realise there is nothing personal and It is indicative of a certain emotional state. I request the media to show sensitivity and not sensationalise this. Reportedly, the two were dating each other long back, the picture is from the time when they were together.

  • Salvatore Jensen