Pierre to fight Bisping for UFC middleweight title

Criticism towards Michael Bisping is also unwarranted.

Bisping used that bit of the conversation to further poke at St-Pierre. "No one gives a [expletive] Georges", Bisping said.

The chaos of Friday morning spilled over the afternoon's press event, as UFC President Dana White opened things up by announcing Bisping was nowhere to be found, leaving St-Pierre to tackle the opening questions from the assembled media.

We spoke with Bisping back in October when the UFC was still trying to put the fight together and "The Count" told us GSP was the one causing all the problems.

"I'm going to get the (expletive) best out of you so shut the (expletive) up", Bisping said. If you have any interest in MMA, you will know that Bisping has never purposefully taken the easy route. "You went away. You went and (expletive) chased aliens. And that's what I expect you to see". You don't have one.

"The sport is a different place".

The GOAT argument typically boils down to two names - Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre - and, as of yet, only Nick Diaz has shared the Octagon with both men. You're a very, very good athlete, but you're an athlete.

St-Pierre left millions on the table after posting his 12th straight win, saying his life had become "completely insane" and a "freaking zoo". Now isn't that just the greatest news you've ever heard? My journey in mixed martial arts is more than legit. I've [overcome] incredible obstacles. I've fought [Johny] Hendricks, B.J. Penn, I came back and I showed true heart and that's why I'm here today.

"He thinks I'm an easier fight ..."

The 35-year-old will, for the first time in his career, compete at middleweight and challenge Bisping for the 185-pound title in hopes of becoming a two-division champion. "If I come back as the same Georges St-Pierre as I was when I was very successful, I'm going to have a very bad fight the night of the fight". I beat Anderson Silva. Just like Luke Rockhold did when I knocked him out. He was a pioneer in MMA and it will be interesting to see if he has improved or declined as a fighter over time.

"I have a general long-term goal and a general direction where I want to go", St. Pierre said.

Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has just landed the "money fight" with Georges St-Pierre that he's been craving and he's now shrugging off criticism that he's ducking top 185lbs contenders like Yoel Romero.

  • Julie Sanders