Nokia 3310 vs. the bunch of phones you've missed at MWC2017

Residents of the US, Canada and Australia itching to ditch their flashy smartphones for the HMD reincarnation of the Nokia 3310 better curb their enthusiasm - the handset will likely be practically unusable in these countries.

Also, if you still somehow made up your mind on buying this, then you will be presented the phone in a really premium looking red box which will also have your USB cable, stereo headsets, etc.

The re-launch of Nokia 3310 took place ahead of this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, U.S. In Singapore, local carrier StarHub will end 2G service in April, which means there's only a small window to use the new 3310 locally as a phone.

The game became a defining moment in mobile gaming - and the first mobile game that many people played. For that amount, you can get 30 Nokia 3310 phones.

Other external cues that separate it from its namesake are a glossy finish, a headphone jack and a microUSB port. The new rendition of the device features a 2.4-inch color display and a 2MP camera. A proprietary 3.5mm connector would have been a little too true to the original. And, Nokia 3310 promises a month of standby battery!

We hope Nokia has some plan up its sleeve to fix this.

. Talking about the price, the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin is priced at 99,000 Russian Roubles which roughly translates to about $1700 or 1.13 lakhs in INR. Mobile tech has achieved a lot of what's possible on the current, fourth generation of network technology, and phones may be in a sleepwalking state until 5G is commercialized. Sure, it may not work as you expect with every carrier, but it will get the job done on a basic level at least.

Nokia 3310 is not only limited to its launch at the event, but also will be introduced in the Indian market ahead of all other Nokia Android smartphones.

It was unveiled during HMD Global press conference at on Sunday, Feb. 26.

  • Arturo Norris