Freed North Korean Murder Suspect Deported From Malaysia

They also sent a request through the Malaysian Foreign Affairs Ministry, seeking the North Korean government's assistance in locating Hyon Kwang Song, the second secretary at its embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

US and South Korean officials have said Kim Jong Nam was killed by agents of North Korea.

North Korea has not confirmed that the dead man is Kim Jong Nam, and is demanding that Malaysia release the body.

Ri told reporters Kim died of "a heart attack" and that there was "no proof about the use of nerve agent VX", which is classified as a weapon of mass destruction and has been identified as the poison that killed Kim.

A North Korean man detained over the investigation into the murder of Kim Jong-nam was taken out of the Sepang police headquarters here this morning amid tight security.

Chol will be flown to Beijing, China, before he gets a connecting flight to Pyongyang, North Korea, according to Malaysian officials.

North Korea's ambassador, Mr Kang, was declared "persona non grata" on Saturday after he said his country "could not trust" Malaysia's handling of the investigation, and that the probe was being interfered with.

Officials from Vietnam's Consular Department on Thursday met with family members of the Vietnamese national being held for the murder of Kim Jong-Nam.

While it isn't one of Pyongyang's key diplomatic partners, Malaysia has been one of the few places in the world where North Koreans could travel without a visa. Ri was held in police detention for nearly two weeks following the murder of Kim at Kuala Lumpur airport on 13 February.

Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali confirmed Thursday that Malaysia chose to release Ri on Friday due to lack of sufficient evidence, and deport him for having "no valid travel documents".

A foreign media outlet reported that North Korean intelligence ran an arms operation out of Malaysia, called Glocom, and two companies linked to the trade were International Global System and International Golden Services.

On March 2, representatives of the Consular Department met Huong's family to explain the case's procedures and detail the process of legal assistance which must be in line with Malaysia's law and global practice.

"He is expected to leave Malaysia within 48 hours".

"We have our experts who are qualified to determine the cause of death".

McLaughlin said the United States should name North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism if it is found to be responsible for the killing.

Kim Jong Nam reportedly fell out of favor with his father, the late Kim Jong Il, in 2001, when he was caught trying to enter Japan on a false passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Leroy Wright