Ed Sheeran Predicts End of Year Release Date

Interested in streaming Ed Sheeran's new album on your Windows PC, Mobile device or on your Xbox? But seems like Sheeran himself wants you to stop obsessing over it and listen to his new music instead. In a narrative style reminiscent of top rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Sheeran turns his song into a mission statement as he muses on his newfound fame.

The song tells the story of how she and Ed's grandfather, William Sheeran met and her reaction may be the most Irish reaction ever.

The album is expected to be one of the biggest selling records of 2017 and features the singles "Shape Of You", "How Do You Feel (Paean)' and 'Castle On The Hill".

Asked about the best moments of the last five years, Ed shared: "I think this year is going to be the high point". The next album, I promise you, will sell less, but this album will sell more.

His strategy to beat "Thinking Out Loud", it turns out, works two ways - writing even more ballads in hopes of outdoing his mega-hit, and also branching out musically in startling new directions.

One song in particular, Supermarket Flowers, has had everyone crying over the lyrics, with fans barely able to keep their emotions in check.

The return of Ed Sheeran is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events in popular music this year. "You are attending 100 percent of my tour dates".

"I've won the awards you're meant to win, sold the records you're meant to sell".

Ed Sheeran popped into HMV on London's Oxford Street this morning (March 3) to buy a copy of his new album '÷'. And since Sheeran had originally intended on having "Love Yourself" on Divide, it's not super surprising that he whipped up another beatless tune with some catchy guitar backing. "I get really claustrophobic".

  • Julie Sanders