Does Deadpool 2's Teaser Tell Us Who's Cast As Cable?

A short teaser for Deadpool 2 was played for certain audiences ahead of Logan.

Out of Deadpool costume, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) walks past, listening to Call Me Angel. Deadpool exits the phone booth fully dressed and ready for action, only to discover the corpse of an old man and a bag of dropped groceries. As he finds out, having a nearby phone booth doesn't necessarily help if you don't have Superman's superspeed.

It looks like the teaser for Deadpool 2 has officially leaked, bringing two and half minutes of glorious death and fun.

Wilson quickly runs into a phone booth to change into his Deadpool costume as the Superman theme soars in the background; unfortunately, it's more hard to strip naked and change clothes in a phone booth than Clark Kent would have people believe. By the time he's clumsily clambered into his red and black suit, however, the man has been shot and killed, with Deadpool quipping that Wolverine could have saved him, now that his costume is just a tank top and cargo trousers. The phrase "Nathan Summers coming soon" is written in sharpie on the side of the phone booth - Nathan Summers, of course, is the real name of the yet-to-be-cast X-Men character Cable.

Logan is now playing in theaters. Deadpool 2 follows in 2018.

  • Salvatore Jensen