Women 'weaker, less intelligent' - Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke

"Do you know which was the place in the Polish theoretical physics Olympiad, the first place of women, of girls?"

The parliament's president is investigating whether Janusz Korwin-Mikke broke the body's rules with his remarks to fellow MEPs.

"I can tell you: 800".

The 74-year-old then said there are no women in the top 100 world chess players.

A tweet shows Socialist MEP Iratxe Garcia-Perez scolding Mr Korwin-Mikke. I can tell you: not one.

European Union lawmakers, who were visibly flabbergasted by the comments, called for sanctions against Korwin-Mikke, who is the chairman of a Eurosceptic, conservative party in Poland but is not affiliated with any parliamentary party at the EU.

A conservative politician from Poland has received heavy criticism after making the argument that the gender pay gap should not be closed because women are inherently inferior to men.

"I know that you're very upset and you're very concerned about the fact that we women can represent citizens on an equal footing with you".

Korwin-Mikke was also harshly criticized by his colleagues and ultimately suspended for 10 days from parliamentary activities and fined €3,062 ($3200) after giving a speech on migrants, describing them as "human garbage", unwilling to work and only interested in receiving welfare. In July 2015, he was suspended from parliament after giving a Nazi salute and saying "ein volk, ein Reich, ein ticket", while mocking the idea to produce a uniform European Union transport ticket.

  • Leroy Wright