Who Is Daniela Vargas? The Dreamer Could Be Deported Under Trump

ICE agents arrested her father and brother outside their home last month but Vargas hid in a closet, and agents later handcuffed her, and then released her, the Ledger reported.

Now a manager at a small store, Vargas loves skateboarding, writing and playing the trumpet, her friend said in a statement from United We Dream.

"Given the change in immigration enforcement policy and implementation, the immigrant community is strongly advised to be vigilant in obeying all local and state laws, especially when driving".

One of her attorneys, Abby Peterson, said Vargas' DACA status expired in November. The vehicle she was traveling in was reportedly pulled over by ICE agents.

"But over the last week-and-a-half, most of our bond hearings are from Alabama", Scott, who defends immigrants from Alabama, Louisiana and MS, said.

A federal immigration judge will now determine Vargas' custody status, as well as whether she is eligible for immigration relief, Byrd said. In addition, unless an immigrant who enters the United States with a visa waiver does so to seek asylum, they automatically concede their right to a hearing or contest. "I can tell you this the priority of the Trump administration-and I spoke with Secretary (John) Kelly a couple days ago about this-is to secure the border and deport criminal aliens", Ryan said.

Baraka said Newark was committed to remaining a sanctuary city despite Trump's executive order threatening to cut federal funding for jurisdictions that limit communication with federal immigration officials. This is a unsafe escalation of the attack on our immigrant communities created to further push them into the shadows where they can be more easily demonized by an administration run by white nationalists.

The impacts of the new enforcement paradigm are already being felt in immigrant communities across Alabama.

"We had discussed the risks associated with talking to newspapers, we had spoken with her about that and we were all working with the understanding that ICE knows her DACA is extending and they were going to let that process", Peterson said. Nothing has been found in her record because there's nothing to be found in her record.She's maintained employment and filed her taxes. Now neither political party wants the other party to get credit for solving the problem, he said. But Holly Logan, the staff member at Temple whose job is to connect public employers and students, said the U.S. Office of Personnel Management had told university career advisers on a conference call the day before to expect a push for border agents.

DACA immigrants are people who were brought to the country by their parents when they were young children, often referred to as "dreamers".

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) agents recently apprehended an at-large fugitive Honduran national who is wanted in his home country for a double murder charge.

"I think there's an opportunity" for the agriculture industry "to leverage those enforcement proposals" and work with Congress and the administration on a measure that provides workforce stability, she said.

  • Larry Hoffman