VP Mike Pence used private email for state business as governor

Vice President Mike Pence used a personal email account to conduct state business while governor of IN, the Indianapolis Star reported Thursday, and that account was hacked last summer.

While Pence's use of a personal email was not illegal according to IN law, most private emails used for official business are usually retained for public record.

According to IndyStar's investigation, it's not illegal to use a personal email address for official matters in IN, but these emails also have to be entered into the public record.

The discovery doesn't look good for Pence, who routinely criticized Clinton for her mishandling of government business on a private email server.

IN law does not prohibit lawmakers from using a private email, but they must turn over any emails concerning state business to be recorded and logged. Similarly, Pence did not have to handle classified or highly sensitive national security issues of the magnitude that Clinton managed as secretary of state. Secondly, state servers, as opposed to personal accounts, ensure that a politician can be held accountable for what he or she says via email.

Pence's office in Washington defended the use of the AOL account in a written statement. Though his account was once hacked, his office denies that the situation can be compared to that of Hillary Clinton.

One of the main criticisms for Hillary Clinton's race to the White House during the campaign period was her mistake of using a private email server to send and receive sensitive and confidential information instead of a government-secured account.

The emails, which were part of a public-records request, discussed matters related to security both local and overseas - from security gates at the governor's residence, to the state's response to global terror attacks.

But in this scenario, one of these two personal accounts was actually hacked, and it wasn't Clinton's.

The emails, released to the Indy Star via a freedom of information request, contained sensitive material on terrorism responses and the arrest of a number of men on terror-related charges. "The fact that these emails are stored in a private AOL account is insane to me", he told IndyStar. Pence's office said his campaign hired outside counsel to determine which of his personal emails involved official business and should be transferred to the state. "In response, Pence sent an email to those who had received the fake communication apologizing for any inconvenience".

Notre Dame will present an honorary doctor of laws degree to Pence at its commencement ceremony.

A counterfeit email sent from Pence's AOL account previous year claimed the then-governor and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and urgently needed money.

  • Larry Hoffman