Trump's dream of Mexican wall crumbles

Hundreds of companies are interested, given that there could potentially be more than $20 billion of government spending attached to the program (despite Trump's insistence, Mexico still says it won't pay for the wall).

Rogelio Zambrano said: "We will gladly do it", adding he did not know what the demand for cement along the wall would be like, nor the companies that had been approached to help with the project - the brainchild of US President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump launched his 2016 campaign with a huge goal: to build a "big, lovely wall" spanning across the nation's southern border, paid for entirely by the Mexican government.

Braulio Guerra, a representative from Queretaro, posted a video of himself lounging on top of a 30-foot coastline fence separating Mexico from the U.S.

The surveillance project was awarded to Virginia-based Tactical Micro, but was held up due to protests from other contractors, according to the DHS document.

People have been condemning Trump's decision of building the wall across the border by protesting all over the United States.

"If The Wall does go ahead, it will nearly certainly be built from concrete", analysts wrote in the Bernstein report.

As Trump addressed Congress on Tuesday, Vicente Fox called on USA citizens to "wake up", "stay united", "question everything" and "act bravely" in the face of the new White House administration. Cemex climbed 4.3 percent to 17.74 pesos Wednesday in Mexico City after advancing as much as 4.6 percent, for the biggest gain within a day in a month, Bloomberg reported.

Talking about the nation-long barricade he still intends to build on the Mexican border, Trump was unwilling to simply refer to it as a "good" wall, or even a "strong" wall in his speech. He has assured Americans that Mexico would pay for the wall - a claim denied repeatedly by Mexico's elected leaders - and the issue has soured relations between the two countries. -Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana on January 27, 2017, in Tijuana, Mexico.

A stretch of wall between Nogales, Arizona, and Mexico.

"If one of our clients asks us for a quote for materials, we have the responsibility to do it", the spokesman said.

"This is the wall I would pay to get it done as fast as possible", he wrote. "We would like to invite submissions of any such ideas so we can consider them as we develop a complete and comprehensive long-term strategy", the request for information says.

This clearly indicates that non-citizens of the country are still "second-class" people and there is no full guarantee of their safety by the new U.S. administration.

  • Larry Hoffman