Takeaways from day two of the NFL Scouting Combine

Both the Colts and the Eagles are interested parties to determine the one-pick difference.

"This year, you have another group of running backs who are pretty good". The concept was two solid backs were better than one great one because they could stay healthier and productive. He probably won't test the best out of the defensive ends but he has flashed plenty of Pro Bowl potential in the right system and his past production speaks for itself. "It's not my decision".

Cook, citing his all-around ability as a runner and pass-catcher out of the backfield, took a different approach. NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock now ranks Cook over Fournette, as well. "Definitely not competing. We're going out and having fun". We're here now, embracing the moment.

Thursday morning on Sunrise, we featured the assortment of free fan activities at the 2017 NFL Combine Experience. In 2015, Todd Gurley (St. Louis Rams) and Melvin Gordon (San Diego Chargers) were top-15 picks.

Then Ezekiel Elliott blew the doors wide open.

Elliott, who ran for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns on 322 carries, was the only running back taken in the first round previous year.

One evaluator said Fournette wasn't "doughy" and looked like 240 wouldn't be problematic. "But if I move out to the slot, I become a receiver, or if I move out to X or Z, I become a receiver, not just a running back".

But that doesn't necessarily shoot him to the top of the running backs queue.

Fournette and Cook have the skill and college résumé's to indicate they could be difference-makers in the NFL. And due to their position, they are the subjects of what has become an annual pre-draft debate: whether or not a running back -any back - should be selected in the Top 5 or Top 10. If a player looks like he is fighting his way through a drill, bad footwork is part of the reason.

Fournette is 6-1 and 235 pounds and, if you care, he was considered the best player in the country as a high school senior in New Orleans. "I drank a lot of water before I weighed in, so it was water weight". He came in at 6-2, which is important for a lot of National Football League teams.

Fournette said he is confident he can brush up on his receiving and blocking skills to become an every-down back.

"We'll see what Fournette runs in the 40-yard dash, but if he's slow, his weight could be an issue". He can help in the passing game.

Leonard Fournette isn't heavy, he was just thirsty. I've always dreamed of seeing myself in those people's shoes that I've watched, and now it's finally here. "Tomorrow will show it all".

Even if the Eagles don't use their first-round pick on a running back and even if they don't take one of the top prospects in the class, it seems rather likely they'll snag one at some point during the seven rounds.

Not that he's looking at the situation like that.

NFL.com's Lance Zierline says Fournette's hands are "adequate". It was an example of how the position can produce early contributors and offered a prelude to what could come from rookie running backs in 2017.

  • Julie Sanders