Student almost dies due to alleged peanut butter hazing

The teen was left unrecognizable by the brutal hazing at Central Michigan University, which was exposed by his mom in a Facebook post on Wednesday. It went unreported for so long because her 19-year-old son Andrew only revealed the details recently, she said. "He has a deadly peanut allergy and they rubbed peanut butter on his face while he was passed out", she said.

The member responsible for smearing the peanut butter says the entire thing has been blown out of proportion, telling WDIV he didn't know about the allergy - and that it was all a joke. Because the incident took place off campus, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Mount Pleasant Police Department. "They tried to appeal last fall, but they were denied".

7 Action News reached out Teresa Seely and she put us in contact with her attorney.

The Office of Student Conduct has already contacted Seely and provided her with information on how to file a police report, Smith said.

"A lot of people feel like peanut allergies are oh, they're over-exaggerated, but the bottom line, is it's one of the most serious allergies people can have, people can literally die from it", said Nandi.

Smith told PEOPLE that Alpha Chi Rho has not been a recognized fraternity at Central Michigan University since 2011, when they were removed for hazing.

The national fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho confirmed to CBS News in a statement via email that there is not now an Alpha Chi Rho chapter or colony at CMU.

"We were just trying to be amusing; just guys hanging out", the man told the TV reporter. Just another thing being amusing, being college students.

But Andrew's dad doesn't believe that to be the case.

Seeley wrote that her son has an Epi-pen and he carries Benadry tablets in his wallet at all times, but the incident happened when he was passed out. "If the frat guys did this and they saw him having a reaction why didn't they call 911?"

School officials and authorities are investigating.

  • Larry Hoffman