Senate confirms Rick Perry for energy secretary

During his confirmation hearing, Perry expressed regret for previously recommending eliminating the department he will now lead.

After it was announced on Thursday former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was confirmed by the Senate as the secretary of the Department of Energy, Texas Tech System Chancellor had a few congratulatory statements for Perry.

Perry also appeared to reverse course on the issue of climate change, saying he believes the climate is changing and that some of it is caused by man-made activity.

"This confirmation makes Perry the latest addition to Donald Trump's highly unqualified cabinet".

Unlike his predecessors, Murkowski said, "he's not an award-winning scientist, but you don't necessarily need to have a scientist in order to lead scientists".

While his nomination was never seriously in jeopardy, Trump's choice of the former Texas governor to head DOE raised some eyebrows in the energy sector, as he once famously forgot a pledge to eliminate the department during a presidential debate, sinking his 2012 campaign. "Secretary Perry's leadership on wind energy infrastructure as governor of Texas helped attract tens of billions of dollars in private investment to rural communities, and create over 25,000 wind jobs in the state", Tom Kiernan, American Wind Energy Association CEO, said in a statement.

Carson also ran for president in the GOP primary in 2016.

"During his governorship, Texas became known as the economic engine that could pull the train of the US economy and could weather even the toughest national economic downturn", Cornyn said.

"Beyond its responsibility for the nation's nuclear complex, the Department of Energy also plays a leading role in the development of new energy sources, including renewable energy, and a better understanding of the threat of climate change". "Unlike the preeminent physicists who ran the department for the last eight years, Perry lacks the knowledge and experience to run the DOE".

But, 10 months later, days after Trump's victory seemed secure, Perry, on the occasion of his official portrait being unveiled at the Capitol Rotunda, made clear that he didn't want to go quiet at all, offering to serve Trump in any capacity from vice president on down.

  • Zachary Reyes