Putin Demands Sessions Resign from Russian Government

Intelligence teams from Britain and Holland, among others, passed information to their American counterparts about meetings in European capitals between associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump during the United States election campaign, the New York Times reported.

"We have to find those reasons why young sportsmen are taking doping, why they agree to be doped, " Smirnov stressed. In the end, more than two-thirds of this country's delegation participated in the Olympics. "But I'd like to stress once again that there has never been, is not and, I hope, will never be any state-run doping programme in Russian Federation".

Reiterating views already expressed by some of Russia's top officials, including President Vladimir Putin, Ryabkov said he hoped that the arrival of Trump to the White House would create an opportunity to defrost Russian-American relations.

"Wada is encouraged by this sign of progress", said president Sir Craig Reedie.

To this point, leaders in Russian Federation have largely refused to acknowledge the breadth of the system.

A group of national anti-doping organizations also recently called for a blanket ban on all sporting contact with Russian Federation.

The Russian president also dwelled on what the future holds for the anti-doping movement in Russia, and said he wants to set up a strict and efficient scheme to fight doping practices.

"We don't accept allegations about some scratches on sample bottles for evidence, because when they were submitted, no one protested", Putin said. "It means, the bottles have been stored somewhere but we are not responsible for the storage".

With the emergence of the first part of the report the Russian Olympic Committee was left without rights and thus the assistance of Russian athletes to games of Rio of Janeiro was suspended.

"We made a strong commitment to NATO", Pence said, referencing Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.

"Effectively, RUSADA must demonstrate that its processes are truly autonomous, independent from outside interference and properly resourced for the task of protecting clean athletes both in Russian Federation and overseas", WADA director general Olivier Niggli said.

  • Carolyn Briggs