Police kill two people for wearing women's clothes in Saudi Arabia

In a shocking incident, two transgender Pakistanis died in Riyadh on Tuesday (28 February) after being allegedly tortured by the Saudi Arabia police.

The two victims, identified as Meeno, 26, and Amna, 35, were reportedly in a rest house for cross-dressers and transgender women during a formal gathering when the police raided the site.

"While 11 were released later after paying a fine of 150,000 riyals ($40,000, €37,500), 22 are still in police custody", Naseem added.

"Majority of the arrested, belong to K-P and the others from other cities of Pakistan". After all, it is institutional edicts that persecutes individuals be they transgender, converts to Christianity, or women seeking exclusively to dress freely.

'The suffering ended for these two after being physically tortured, however, the rest are still languishing in Saudi jails.

Pakistani transgender rights activist Qamar Naseem slammed the alleged police brutality as "inhumane".

Farzana, a Khawaja Sara and head of transgender rights group TransAction, told The Express Tribune that the police's actions were criminal, as those accused of crimes have a right to be tried in court.

In addition to the criminalization of cross-dressing, transgender people are banned from making the religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

Saudi authorities consider any blending of gender roles, including cross-dressing, as varieties of homosexuality, which is criminalized in the theocratic kingdom.

It is high time to treat Saudi Arabia based on being "a pariah" until real political reforms are implemented. In 2009, 67 men were arrested in Riyadh for wearing women's clothing, according to Human Rights Watch. They received lashes and jail time for the offense.

  • Leroy Wright