People are freaking out over the hotness of young Justin Trudeau

To top it off, Trudeau is also one of the most charming political leaders of all times.

After having won hearts around the world, Trudeau's young pictures are now the internet's latest possession.

Branded as the world's most handsome Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has constantly been in the news for all the good reasons.

On Twitter, people are digging up old photos and videos of the young Justin Trudeau and taking note. It turns out social media and Trudeau are like bacon and eggs.

"She looks like she's ready to risk it all", The Daily Show's Trevor Noah said in reference to the images allegedly showing Ivanka "swooning" over Trudeau, according to the Telegraph.

Step aside young Biden.

Is this Justin Trudeau or a vintage Hollister model?

One fan tweeted: "Young Justin Trudeau has set a new standard for politicians everywhere". The man is a handsome dream'.

If young Justin Trudeau asked us to help him move into his sixth floor walkup apartment, we would go.

  • Zachary Reyes