Obama behind protests, security leaks

Comedian John Oliver was approached by TMZ on Tuesday and was asked about the significance of President Donald Trump skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner. "And some of the leaks possibly come from that group", which are "really very serious leaks because they are very bad in terms of national security". "I just thought in light of the fact of fake news and all of the other things we're talking about now, I thought it would be inappropriate that I went", he said.

'You never know what's exactly happening behind the scenes.

Also in the interview, Trump said a Navy SEAL who died in a raid in Yemen on January 29 helped to collect "tremendous amounts of information".

When asked, Trump told Kilmeade that he isn't "disappointed" in Obama (again, for something he hasn't done in the first place) because, he says, "I understand the way the world works".

"In terms of achievement, I think I'd give myself an A. Because I think I've done great things, but I don't think I have - I and my people, I don't think we've explained it well enough to the American public", he told Fox and Friends.

"I think it's obviously both", Fleischer responded. Most of the interview will air Tuesday morning, in advance of Trump's formal address to a joint session of Congress, but Fox released an excerpt Monday of his remarks about Obama.

Donald Trump blamed Barack Obama for protests against him.

His comments come a day after former president George W Bush delivered a coded criticism of Mr Trump in a rare television appearance.

Trump, however, continues to assert his unestablished claim that someone is paying for all these protests.

"I think the money is going to come from a revved up economy", Trump said, indicating his plans could grow the nation's gross domestic product - an worldwide indicator of economic health - "to 3%, or maybe more".

In a spikey, rambling press conference the same week, Trump took the media to task, openly bickering with journalists and at one point stating that the leaks were real but the news was fake.

Trump said he would be discuss healthcare on Monday when he meets some of the governors who are in Washington for the National Governors Association's annual meeting.

  • Larry Hoffman