Nicki Minaj Calls Charlamagne "Phony and Fake" For Not Supporting Her

When the cameraman finally got to ask The Game's opinion on the diss track he gave him a bouquet of roses and said, "Them is for Nicki".

Anyway word on the street is that Meek Mill is allegedly being egged on heavy by his crew to ruin Nicki's life. Trey Songz and Ebro were forced to clear up rumors that they had previous sexual relations with Nicki Minaj. During their meal, "he grabbed her hand, and simply told her that when it comes to female rappers, "Nicki Minaj is the best, '" our source said, adding that, "Future told her to 'never" forget that, and then, he kissed her hand". "But the situation with Remy, for them to say that we were coming together to do a diss track?"

It has been observed that watching Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj overwhelmed the vast majority of viewers at the end of the week. See women you can't date down, or date the immature because when you break up, all hell breaks loose and the person knows everything about you. I'm not even thinking about ol' girl! "So I hate the fact of that being in the equation", Kimmy Blanco told Billboard.

This was when things got pretty darn adorable... The image shows Rugs and Meek in a conversation after Remy Ma track "ShETHER" started gaining traction. I'm so far past that.

Lil Kim: Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have beef long before Remy Ma was released from prison, so it's no surprise that she is siding with Remy Ma. This is Hip Hop; this is real Hip Hop.

While Nicki Minaj has yet to respond to "ShETHER", on Tuesday Remy highlighted the track landing at No. 2 on iTunes' U.S. Hip-Hop/Rap chart. I'm not even thinking about that.

  • Salvatore Jensen