Immigration Authorities To Deport North Korean Ri Jong-Chol Today

Media captionWhy was North Korea's Kim Jong-nam killed? In other words, heart disease.

"Even though the script was issued by other parties, the ambassador has to respect Malaysia's judiciary system, ethics, culture and its common practices, and any diplomatic system at the global level must be respected", Ahmad Zahid said in a press conference after he officiated the Felda Youth Council AGM held at the Seri Pacific hotel here today. CCTV footage from the airport terminal showed a woman approaching him from behind and wrapping a cloth around the face of a startled Kim Jong-nam.

South Korea has pinned Kim's assassination on Pyongyang, accusing the country of recruiting the women attackers, who said they believed they were bade only to run a prank on the victim for a TV network.

"Malaysia does not produce, stockpile, import, export or use any Schedule 1 toxic chemicals, including VX, and has made annual declarations to that effect to the OPCW", the statement said. A senior Malaysian official told AFP that the government was mulling further "downgrading diplomatic ties" with North Korea.

The incident occurred at Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13, when the two women approached Kim and smeared something on his face.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia is taking citizen protection measures for Doan Thi Huong, a suspect in the murder of a Democratic People's Republic of Korean citizen, according to the Foreign Ministry's Consular Department. Four of the suspects are presumed to have left Malaysia the day Kim Jong Nam was killed.

Malaysian prosecutors said they will deport Ri Jong-chol, the only North Korean who was arrested as a suspect in the killing, to Pyongyang on Friday.

The women, who were caught on grainy surveillance video, have been charged with murder.

North Korea has denied any role and accused Malaysia of bias.

Ri graduated in 2011 from a North Korean university and had previously worked for a research centre in India, The Star reported.

"We have our experts who are qualified to determine the cause of death of Kim [Jong Un]", Malaysian Attorney General Ali said in an interview with the AP news agency.

After the women wiped Kim's face with the liquid, he started feeling dizzy and died shortly afterward on his way to the hospital, Malaysian police said.

  • Leroy Wright