Brussels police detain man with gas canisters in auto

A small section of Brussels was sealed off and some residents were evacuated from the area Thursday after police discovered several gas canisters in the trunk of a auto they stopped after it ran a red light.

An area in Porte de Hal was cordoned off, and explosives experts were called.

"The auto was stopped because the driver jumped several red lights", a police spokesperson told media.

However, officials but did not find any detonating equipment or explosives in the vehicle and the anti-terror police have not yet been called in.

The demining service was called on site and a 200-meter perimeter was established around the suspicious vehicle that contained at least two gas cylinders, Xinhua news agency quoted Charles Picque, mayor of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) as saying.

The suspect has not been named, but is said to be "known to police". Police went on alert after the canisters were found.

A metro station close to main station Gare du Midi was closed by Belgian authorities on Thursday, local media reported. Broadcaster RTL said three canisters had been recovered.

Nearby shops and various forms of public transportation were also closed as a result of the ongoing investigation.

  • Leroy Wright