Young Justin Trudeau is even hotter than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The internet has a new object of lust in the form of a strapping young Justin Trudeau.

President Donald Trump Addresses Congress for the First Time on February 28.

"You guys can have young Joe Biden, I call young Justin Trudeau", wrote one Twitter user.

It came during Trump's attention-grabbing remarks on immigration reform.

"Nations around the world, like Canada, Australia and many others - have a merit-based immigration system".

And if you forgot, here he is being the Prime Minister of Canada. While Trump did allude to his more usual concerns of national security and respect for US laws, he also said that reform would only be possible if Democrats and Republicans worked together toward a common goal.

A campaign rally will be held later in the day at the BMO Centre. It is supposed to bring highly-educated and highly-skilled workers into the country but critics say it favors white-color occupations over blue-color and agricultural workers who may not be university-educated but highly-skilled nonetheless.

It's unclear whether Trump might instead lean on his newly confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

And the key congressional committee that needs to be consulted is swamped with massive projects involving health and tax reform.

"I don't have any information about when, or what process will be used", said Republican Mike Crapo, a member of the Senate Finance committee.

Canada operates an immigration points system whereby people wanting to immigrate to Canada are assessed on the basis of their education, work experience and language skills.

People involved in Canada-U.S. relations might have picked up on other elements of the speech.

  • Leroy Wright