TSA stops two men with loaded guns at Charlotte's Douglas International Airport

They don't believe the attempts are related.

The second was at Checkpoint A just after 6:30 a.m.

TSA officers say they detected the guns and ammunition as the men's carry-on bags passed through the checkpoint conveyor belt.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers were called and questioned the men.

In total, the TSA discovered 79 firearms last week in carry-on bags around the nation.

The TSA says that the Spring Break travel period begins in late February and extends into April. The firearms must first be declared at the ticket counter. Travelers are advised to contact the airline regarding firearm and ammunition carriage policies.

The Transportation Security Administration screens approximately 2 million passengers and their luggage every day for prohibited items, including weapons and explosives.

In addition to the guns, a realistic replica suicide vest and a claymore mine were found in a traveler's checked bag at the El Paso International Airport.

Travelers might be surprised to find that the Transportation Security Administration may ask you to remove books from carry-on bags when going through security screenings. "They are prohibited from both carry-on and checked bags". Even if they are novelty items, they can't be brought on a plane.

  • Larry Hoffman