This is the devastation the tornadoes and storms wreaked

"Fortunately there was a good warning system and people knew that the storms were developing and they were coming", Rauner said.

Naplate Fire Chief John Nevins said a tornado hit the village around 5 p.m. Tuesday in the village of about 500.

"It was scary, it did sound like a freight train like they always say, and it was fast and stuff was blowing around", one witness said. In Illinois, the storms damaged homes and businesses and toppled trees and powerlines.

At least one person is dead after a line of severe weather produced tornadoes, large hail and widespread damage across the north central IL region.

One tornado touched down in central IL, according to the National Weather Service. Area emergency officials could not be reached for comment.

According to the National Weather Service, six to 10 storms produced approximately 25 reports of tornadoes in the region.

Joseph said IL is fortunate the damage wasn't worse.

The severe weather system rolled into the Chicago area late Tuesday, damaging multiple neighborhoods with strong winds, rain and even baseball-sized hail in some parts.

According to a news release from St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa, at least 14 people were injured during the storm, the Chicago Tribune reported.

About 225 miles south of Ottawa, near Crossville, Ill., an apparent tornado struck a building near a house, killing a 71-year-old man and injuring his wife, White County Coroner Chris Marsh said.

Several vehicles, including a semi truck, were blown off an interstate in Missouri.

In response to the tornadoes' devastation, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner announced on Facebook that he had State Emergency Operations Center to aid the affected communities.

In addition to tornado damage, more than 800 wind damage and hail incidents were also reported. In Tulia, Texas, four homes were destroyed and almost 1,200 evacuated when strong winds caused the rapid spread of wildfires.

  • Larry Hoffman