Syrian Army gains full control over strategic Triangle of Palmyra

A monitoring group following the conflict told AFP that while the jihadists had pulled out of Palmyra Syrian regime forces had yet to move into the entire city.

Militants of the Islamic State terrorist grouping (outlawed in Russia) seized Palmyra in May 2015 and in late March 2016 the Syrian government troops liberated the city with the support of the Russian air task force.

Townsend confirmed that there were casualties among Syrian fighters as a result, though he did not specify how many.

Earlier reports indicated that IS militants had been largely withdrawn from the city following a fierce offensive by the government forces, which led to the recapture of the strategic hills around Palmyra and the Palmyra citadel on Wednesday.

Footage showed helicopter gunships launching air strikes in intense battles on Wednesday, when Isis sent two suicide auto bombs into regime lines.

A Syrian tank is seen firing a salvo while the flags of Syrian Arab Republic are clearly seen on some military vehicles and some servicemen taking positions to approach the city.

The profusion of forces operating in Syria has led to a very complicated battlefield and on Wednesday a USA general said Russian warplanes had mistakenly bombed SDF fighters in several small villages in northern Syria.

Russian Federation and Syria may have some explaining to do, as the CNBC reports that aircraft from the two countries carried out airstrikes on USA -backed Syrian Arab Coalition fighters on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, two funeral busts damaged by IS after it first captured Palmyra were brought back to Syria after being restored in Italy.

Iraqi forces backed by a US-led global coalition have taken back most of the territory lost to Isis, leaving about a tenth still in jihadi hands. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend believes the pilots thought they were targeting terrorists, not the anti-Assad forces the U.S. supports. Turkish troops are stationed in the Syrian town of al-Bab, 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Manbij. He also said that Turkey's forces are moving toward the Euphrates River, where the SDF is based.

Who is Who in Syria's Civil War? "The Russian military command took that information into account".

  • Leroy Wright