Rachel Dolezal Has Changed Her Name

The controversy cost Dolezal her job, her credibility, and now, her name - as the 39-year-old now officially goes by Nkechi Amare Diallo! First name Nkechi, short of Nkechinyere, originates from the lgbo language of Nigeria and means "what God has given" or "gift of God".

Diallo is a last name of Fula origin meaning "bold" - a word we certainly can't rob her of after all the headlines she's made.

Legal documents obtained by the British outlet show that she legally changed her name in a Washington state court back in October.

"Right now the only place I feel understood and completely accepted is with my kids and my sister", the natural blonde, who is living on food stamps and claims she can't afford her rent.

Diallo has already been trying to use the name to her advantage. Thirty-two people signed the petition, and TED Talks commented on Monday that her speech had been available on their website since November.

Dolezal - who is the former president of the NAACP's Spokane chapter and a one-time professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University - has reportedly fallen on hard times since being exposed by her parents as white in June 2015.

She claims her only job offers have come from reality television and porn.

Her memoir, "In Full Color", is due out in March. Now, she's preparing to publish a book on her convoluted story (it took her 30 publishers to get there though), which she says she has no regrets about.

"For many on our staff, sharing the talk risks causing deep offense, and runs counter to TED's mission of ideas worth spreading", the statement read.

  • Salvatore Jensen