Prometheus's Identity Revealed on Tonight's Arrow

Thea, Felicity, and Diggle spent four seasons giving Oliver moral support; it's about time he returned the favor. Before tonight, Arrow has shown us flashes of Chase's mental instability and propensity for violence, but it avoided suggesting any real connections between Chase and either of the city's murderous villains. It would be interesting to see what would be the next best thing in upcoming episodes. Amell added that the team generally had the innovative group behind DC as an accomplice, and they (DC) approves stuff for the team and they give chances with characters like Barry Allen, who was presented through our show before he went ahead to head his own particular show, and they do that because of the confidence in team, reports moviepilot.

In an earlier interview with EW, Amell also seemed more optimistic about the future of Oliver and Felicity aka "Olicity" in "Arrow" Season 5. "But it was really just a casual conversation.they mentioned Prometheus along the way". News of the coverup hits the press.

Synopsis: Oliver faces his biggest challenge yet as mayor. Oliver asks. That, or just a friend, she replies.

Arrow - "The Sin-Eater" - Image AR514b_0083b.jpg - Pictured (Top): Juliana Harkavy as Tina Boland/Dinah.

What do you get when you have China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner being transported on the same bus? A gun battle breaks out as Gregor loyalists fight Anatoly and the remaining Bratva captains. Why does Oliver spend so much energy trying to get her back?

Speaking of ending badly, Oliver orders Thea to make things right with Susan. He calls Oliver a sin-eater.

Adrian is really taking his time in his plan to torture Oliver.

We aren't the only ones curious about Oliver's time in Russian Federation with the Bratva.

Regardless, once Oliver does discover Prometheus' true identity, the mind games will, undoubtedly, be of epic proportions. I mean, we live in a television world. Oliver laughs it off and says that he assumed Susan was joking. In the final standoff, the ACU worked with the Green Arrow and they all apprehended the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers from Bleeding Cool reveal that Prometheus will be leaking the story on the cover up of Green Arrow's involvement in Billy Malone's death.

- Could we get a Thea Queen campaign? Felicity tells him she thinks he's going to beat this thing because "Star City's Mayor Oliver Queen is a hero".

Susan (Carly Pope) then met Oliver at his office to inform him that an anonymous hacker confessed on planting the plagiarism evidence on her computer. Felicity finds her file on Oliver, and Thea is concerned. Chase stops Susan at her vehicle.

Even though Felicity agrees to work with Helix, she does fix her error with Susan. Susan was sacked, and her credibility is completely gone. What else does she know about Prometheus? The Arrow has gone rogue; he must be disavowed and pursued like a criminal. He then attacks Thea for doing something so terrible.

Oliver holds a press conference.

Having been an Arrow viewer ("I love Neal McDonough so I had watched a lot of Damien Dahrk"), Segarra signed on still unaware of his place within the Central City crime scene. "So now I'm getting to tell that backstory and we get to tell the biggest pieces and get to show him becoming who he is before episode 7". "This is not planned and the arrival of Dinah was not designed for this to happen one day". And then to get to see that relationship, how it develops between the two, because. And next week, you start to see that top come off a little bit, and I'm very excited for you guys to see it. There's so much more that can be done.

  • Salvatore Jensen