Oscars 2017: List Of Winners

And then I just thought, Oh, my God, how does this happen? How. After a largely unremarkable Oscars ceremony, the entire production devolved into chaos right at the end.

"Moonlight" won the Best Picture award at the Oscars on Sunday night, but not before the honour was mistakenly given to "La La Land".

Indeed, compared to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy of a year ago, the ceremony was much more of a progressive affair.

He showed the real Best Picture card, which listed "Moonlight" as the victor for the camera to see.

"La La Land" took home most of the awards. It's just what the Academy does. We've been on the road with these guys for so long, and that was so gracious, and so generous of them.

The 2017 Academy Awards, a night that honored Hollywood's best films and brightest stars, is likely to be remembered for delivering one of the most freakish moments in live TV history-a mixup over the biggest award.

Beatty went on to explain: "I want to tell you what happened. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture".

It's clear now that Beatty wasn't pausing for dramatic effect-he was truly confused.

Over the years, the two kept in touch and Dunaway says, "I would see him anytime. Oh my god, he got the wrong envelope", the LA Times reported. Harvey misread the correct (admittedly confusingly laid out) envelope.

How is that possible?

Beatty explained to the crowd that when he double-checked the envelope he wasn't trying to be amusing but was confused when he saw Emma Stone and "La La Land" written on the paper. This is not a joke, I'm afraid they read the wrong thing. The blame lies with accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which handles the Oscar envelopes.

Only two people at the firm knew the results before they were announced.

It turns out, there are actually two sets of envelopes. "When I did see people coming out on stage and their moment was being disrupted, I got really anxious".

E! reported that Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope and showed a close-up shot of the envelope labeled as such. Nobody has an answer for that, so let the wild conspiracy theories roll.

The host Jimmy Kimmel ended the show after solving the confusion for the best picture victor and announcing Moonlight the final victor. Not in today's post-great again America, no sir.

The 89th Academy Awards was an average show that was capped off with a shocking and moving twist ending that made it a truly incredible evening for films. Shameful. That's why an American/Russian/Dalek/Reaper operative switched the envelopes before it was too late. We are now investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.

La La Land's cast and producers took the stage and began their speeches before Horowitz displayed the winning card to the cameras.

Barry Jenkins: "And for all you people out there who feel like there's no mirror for you, that your life is not reflected, the Academy has your back, the ACLU has your back, we have your back".

  • Salvatore Jensen